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RiceBran Technologies (NASDAQ: RIBT) Breaking News Alert- December 10, 2015


RiceBran Technologies Ships First Nutricosmetics Order to a Large Nationwide Retail Chain Store 


Two hand creams formulated with rice bran oil to be available at select retail stores with an anticipated larger rollout in 2016

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - December 10, 2015 – RiceBran Technologies (NASDAQ: RIBT) and (RIBTW) (the “Company” or “RBT”), a global leader in the production and marketing of value added products derived from rice bran, began to focus on the emerging nutricosmetics market as a significant, high margin growth opportunity for its rice bran, rice bran oil and rice bran derivative products in late 2014. Today the Company announced that it has shipped a nutricosmetics order to a large retail chain customer with over 4,000 stores throughout the United States. The two new hand cream products formulated with rice bran oil were developed by RBT in conjunction with the retail chain's product development team. Those hand creams will be available in a select number of stores immediately with a larger roll out anticipated to take place in 2016.

In addition to its 4,000 store footprint, the retail chain also sells its branded products through 30,000 additional independent retail locations. RBT sees the nutricosmetics product category as a significant high margin growth opportunity and is in various stages of development with other high value customers for additional nutricosmetics product launches in the coming quarters.

Skin care products made with rice bran and rice bran oil are known to make skin appear younger, less wrinkled and more evenly toned. Rice bran oil is naturally rich in nutrients such as gamma oryzanol, tocopherols and tocotrienols. These nutrients can fortify skin cells and help protect the skin from oxidative stress. Rice bran and rice bran oil have been used for centuries in cosmetic and beauty products in Japan dating back to the Geishas. Rice bran based products are credited with providing more beautiful and younger looking skin. Today, the most beautiful women in Japan are still known as ‘nuka bijin’ or rice bran beauties.

Mark McKnight, SVP of Sales and Marketing at RBT, says: “According to NEXT: THE NATURAL PRODUCTS INDUSTRY FORECAST 2016, booming nutricosmetics markets in Japan and Europe have greatly contributed to success of the overall global nutricosmetics market, which is estimated to reach $5.5 billion by the year 2018. America is also starting to catch on and RiceBran Technologies expects to capitalize on emerging opportunities in nutricosmetic creams and lotions, exfoliants and ‘beauty-from-within’ products based on rice bran formulations.”

McKnight continued, “Integrating our proprietary and patented ingredients into nutricosmetics is a key target for our company as we move into 2016 and we are excited to have developed this new customer relationship to demonstrate our capabilities in nutricosmetics formulations. We look forward to building a long and profitable relationship with this customer as we work to build our nutricosmetics product offerings into a significant driver of high margin revenue for our Company in 2016 and beyond.”

About RiceBran Technologies

RiceBran Technologies is a human food ingredient and animal nutrition company focused on the procurement, bio-refining and marketing of numerous products derived from rice bran. RiceBran Technologies has proprietary and patented intellectual property that allows us to convert rice bran, one of the world's most underutilized food sources, into a number of highly nutritious human food ingredient and animal nutrition products. Our target markets are human food ingredients and animal nutrition manufacturers and retailers, as well as natural food, functional food and nutritional supplement manufacturers and retailers, both domestically and internationally. More information can be found in the Company's filings with the SEC and by visiting our website at http://www.ricebrantech.com.

Forward-Looking Statements

This release contains forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, statements about RiceBran Technologies' expectations regarding recovery of funds from an escrow account related to the 2008 purchase of Irgovel. These statements are made based upon current expectations that are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties. RiceBran Technologies does not undertake to update forward-looking statements in this news release to reflect actual results, changes in assumptions or changes in other factors affecting such forward-looking information. Assumptions and other information that could cause results to differ from those set forth in the forward-looking information can be found in this press release and in RiceBran Technologies' filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most recent periodic reports.

Investor Contact:
Ascendant Partners, LLC
Fred Sommer

SOURCE: RiceBran Technologies


About RiceBran Technologies

Rice Bran —The New Bran on the Block

RiceBran Technologies focuses on the processing and distribution of stabilized rice bran and other proprietary, rice bran-based ingredients and formulations. Rice bran, including the germ, is the outer layer of the brown rice kernel after the husk has been removed. Until recently, the bran and germ were an underutilized by-product of the commercial, rice-milling industry.

In the early 1990's, a determined group of innovators developed the technology to process rice bran while maintaining the highest nutritional value. At the core of RiceBran Technologies is the dedication its employees and strategic partners share in the value of rice bran and the unlimited possibilities it brings as a food and nutraceuticals ingredient.

Today, at RiceBran Technologies, our objective is to deliver nutritious SRB-based food ingredients and derivatives to a global marketplace, leading its utilization in food applications and nutraceuticals of all kinds.

RiceBran Technologies rice bran is already becoming one of the world's leading food ingredient for:
Food Manufacturers
Meat Inclusion
Rice Bran Oil
Animal Nutrition

Explore our web site to learn more about the benefits of rice bran, its market applications, and the derivative products.

Rice Bran Technology

Rice Kernel

The science of rice bran is at the core of our product knowledge and applications in food, animal nutrition, nutraceuticals and humanitarian aid. RiceBran Technologies is committed to delivering the nutritional benefits of rice bran throughout the world.

Nature designed the rice bran and germ, but RiceBran Technologies developed the process and equipment to stabilize and preserve the nutrients at their highest level. Rice has been a traditional food source for virtually all cultures across every continent for thousands of years. Stabilized rice bran (SRB) is an emerging food ingredient that offers exceptional possibilities across the food spectrum.

RiceBran Technologies’ unique proprietary process stabilizes the rice bran and germ at the point of milling, creating a functional ingredient that adds nutritional value to a variety of finished food products.

Rice is grown globally, but the bran and germ the most nutritious and versatile part of the rice kernel traditionally has been underutilized as a food source. Today, RiceBran Technologies possesses the science and technology to stabilize the rice bran and germ at the point of milling to produce an ingredient that adds functional value to a variety of finished products.

Rice Bran Story

Rice bran and germ, the most nutritious and versatile components of the rice kernel, traditionally are underutilized as a food source.

RiceBran Technologies stabilization process retains the powerful array of vitamins, minerals, phytosterols and antioxidants which make RiceBran Technologies Rice Bran the essential food ingredient and nutritional additive.

Producing a fully functional line of food ingredients with a guaranteed one-year shelf life* that is unsurpassed in quality, nutritional integrity and price stability.

RiceBran Technologies products are consistent, extremely stable, neutral in flavor and easy to incorporate into your formulations.

RiceBran Technologies Products

RiceBran Technologies focuses on the processing and distribution of stabilized rice bran and rice bran oil with innovations which are unleashing scores of new healthful applications for food ingredients, meat inclusion, animal nutrition and nutraceuticals.

RiceBran Technologies proprietary technologies and intellectual properties enable a wide range of all-natural rice bran or derivative based foods and formulations packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

Food Ingredients
As a gluten free food ingredient stabilized rice bran is easy to integrate into finished foods.

RiBran Meat Inclusion
All-natural RiBran is an excellent meat emulsif0er that delivers significant cost savings.

Rice Bran Oil
More than 35 years experience in the manufacturing of high quality rice bran oil.

Animal Nutrition
A very successful track record in high-end feed ingredient for equine athletes and pet food.

A natural and ecologically sustainable plant protein ingredient.

RiceBran Derivatives
Stabilized rice bran offers a great source of nutrition, fiber, an excellent texture for breads, pastries, pastas and many other food applications.


Compared to other brans, RiceBran Technologies rice bran and derivative products are:
Nutrient Rich (over 100 Antioxidants & co-factors)
No Major Allergens
A Low Glycemic Index food
Cholesterol Free
Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Trans Fat Free

Investor Relations

RiceBran Technologies is liberating the nutritional power of rice bran from rice, one of the world's oldest and most common food sources. Established in 2000, RiceBran Technologies is a global leader in the acquisition, processing and refinement of rice bran, rice bran oil and derivative products.

Our target markets include:
◾Food Manufacturers - As a food ingredient, rice bran and its derivatives are easy to integrate, tastes light and slightly toasted, and offers an excellent texture. As an alternative to wheat, corn or oat bran, rice bran is free of major food allergens, gluten free, GMO free and trans fat free.
◾Meat Inclusion - RiceBran Technologies all-natural RiBran is an excellent meat enhancer that delivers significant cost savings and improves performance by increasing product yield and decreasing purge.
◾Rice Bran Oil- Rice bran oil has unique characteristics that allow superior performance in a variety of demanding applications.
◾Animal Nutrition - RiceBran Technologies has a very successful track record in high-end feed for equine athletes. We are leveraging that success for high-end pet food.
◾Nutraceuticals - The nutritional value of rice bran makes for a great base upon which to build nutrition-based products. RiceBran Technologies currently offers two canister products available for retail sale.

SOURCE: http://www.ricebrantech.com/


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