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Unisource Corp.
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Jordan Serlin, CEO
Nicholas Ferber, CFO
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Sector: Technology
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A1 Transport Selects Visionship G3 For Transportation Management

Miami, — (PRNewswire) — September 04, 2013. Unisource Corporate Corporation (OTC Markets: USRC) today announced A1 Transport has chosen Visionship G3 as their Transportation Management technology platform. For over 20 years, A1 Transport has prided themselves on providing a personal relationship along with superior service with each brokerage customer. As a Transportation Broker with access to over 400,000 trucks servicing all of North America, A1 Transport sought new technologies to replace traditional manual labor tasks, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies.

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USRC alerts"As a growing brokerage company in a highly competitive market space, we realized that we must streamline efficiencies with leading technologies and automation such as Visionship in order to reduce costs, improve customer service, and maximize our business.” stated Abe Ramos, Director of Operations at A1 Transportation. “After a comprehensive review of available systems, we chose to evolve and expand our company with Visionship G3 TMS. It will enhance our operations immediately.”

Transportation brokerage companies using Visionship's technology can completely automate costly operations, while removing unnecessary aspects of labor costs, as well as reducing human error. With Visionship, A1 Transport can now better control variable overhead costs, as compared to a traditional brokerage company using manual processes.

"With Visionship G3’s Automated Intelligence, Transportation Brokerage companies such as A1 Transport can begin to remove high employee labor cost areas from their balance sheets and scale their business growth efficiently, without significant additional investment.”, said Bill Wood, CEO of Unisource subsidiary, Visionship Inc.

Visionship G3 TMS systematically manages each and every shipment – every moment of the day. Visionship proactively notifies the appropriate persons of potential shipment problems or exception issues, often days in advance. This automated proactive management style, in a largely reactive world, vastly improves: customer service, carrier performance, and enterprise visibility, all while reducing internal costs. From a Zero Footprint, cloud-based system, Visionship G3 can integrate anywhere along a clients work flow. The system also automates paperless invoicing within a client accounting system, increasing the speed of revenue collections for companies such as A1 Transport.

For sales information, please visit or call 877-993-6787, Ext. 501. For additional information on Unisource please visit or call (561) 228-5181.

About A1 Transport

A1 Transport has over 20 years combined experience in the transportation industry. With a wide carrier base, and access to over 400,000 trucks, A1 Transport can provide for all transportation needs such as; LTL, Truckload, Flatbeds, Ocean and Rail within the United States and Canada.

About Unisource Corp

Unisource ( is a holding enterprise whose strategy is to acquire and combine third party logistics service providers and logistics technology providers in order to offer a unique, cost effective Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for the global logistics marketplace. The Company also develops specialized, patent pending logistics software through our operating subsidiary, Visionship, Inc. Beyond logistics software, Unisource’s strategy is to acquire and combine leading edge logistic technology providers with third party logistic (3PL) companies to offer a unique, unparalleled service in the global supply chain industry.

Forward-Looking Statements Disclosure

This release contains forward-looking statements that reflect Unisource Corporate Corporation’s plans and expectations. In this press release and related comments by Company management, words like "expect," "anticipate," "estimate," "forecast," "objective," "plan," "goal", "position", "equate", "potential", and similar expressions are used to identify forward-looking statements, representing management's current judgment and expectations about possible future events. Management believes these forward-looking statements and the judgments upon which they are based to be reasonable, but they are not guarantees of future performance and involve numerous known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the Company's actual results, performance, achievements or financial position to be materially different from any future results, performance, achievements or financial position expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements.

SOURCE Unisource Corporation


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Box Brothers To Deploy Visionship G3 Across All Locations Nationally 

Miami, — (PR Newswire) — August 28, 2013. Unisource Corporate Corporation (OTC Markets: USRC) today announced that Box Brothers, Inc. has signed a license platform agreement with its subsidiary Visionship, Inc, and will be deploying Visionship G3 Transportation Management System (TMS) as a Software as a Service (Saas) to all Box Brother locations. For more than 25 years, California-based Box Brothers has been a leader in the relocation of personal property nationally. Box Brothers is renowned for its expertise in small moves, freight shipping, and professional packing services.

Unisource’s intuitive Cloud-Based Software as a Service platform, Visionship G3, will now actively manage all in-transit shipments within Box Brothers operations; including all pick-ups and deliveries. Visionship G3 will vastly reduce Box Brothers' shipping logistics and operational costs by providing automated intuitive shipment exception management, industry leading carrier rates, immediate visibility across all 20-plus locations of the Box Brothers enterprise, along with the ability to take Box Brothers' entire shipping and supply chain operations paperless, as well as to the Cloud.

“Visionship already provides us with multi-modal cost saving carrier rates, and now Visionship G3 will intuitively manage and provide us with increased visibility of our entire in-transit operation.” stated Charles Rucker, Director of Operations at Box Brothers. “We expect the system to greatly enhance our customer service, while further reducing our labor and shipping costs.”

“We are excited by Box Brothers' decision to adopt our newest TMS application Visionship G3." said Jordan Serlin, Chairman and CEO of Unisource Corp. "The cost savings and increased level of customer service which our platform provides will keep Box Brothers on the leading edge of the industry".


Unisource Comments on Second Quarter Revenue Growth

MIAMI, August 26, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Unisource Corporate Corporation (OTC: USRC) recently filed its Second Quarter results, and showed a revenue growth rate exceeding 270% between Q1 and Q2 for 2013. The company expects that Q3 revenues will exceed Q2 results, showing a continued high-growth trajectory for the company. The company also announced the launch of its latest SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud-Based Transportation Management System, Visionship G3, during the current quarter. Customer adoptions, and new client interest of Visionship G3 point to potential further revenue enhancements for the third quarter, as well as new multi-year revenue streams relating to long-term service contracts with current and new customers.

"2013 is proving to be the revenue year for Unisource and we are extremely pleased not only by our quarterly growth rates, but also by the significant adoption and deployment of the Visionship G3 system, which continues to exceed our expectations." stated Jordan Serlin, Chairman and CEO of Unisource Corp. "We are seeing significant additional demand for all of our products and services, which not only should further add to future revenues, but has the potential to create substantial high-margin, multi-year contracted revenue for the company."

Visionship G3 Cloud-Based TMS (Transportation Management System) is now available nationwide, with multiple customers currently in the process of deploying the platform. 


Unisource to Launch Visionvault Cloud Document Storage Application

MIAMI, August 23, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Unisource Corporate Corporation (OTC: USRC) today announced the deployment of Visionvault, a new enhanced module to the Visionship G3 system, launching this September. Visionvault is a new and intuitive Cloud-Based document storage application, which when connected to Visionpad - the company's mobile paper free shipping solution - will give users real time access to any signed, executed and stored document. USRC alerts

"Today more than 90% of manufacturers and distributors retain paper copies of specific transportation documents for a year or longer, and almost every company continues to do this manually, using typical folders and filing cabinets. Many other companies also pay a 3rd party to scan and electronically file paper documents for them at significant cost. With the release of Visionvault, these costs in time, storage space, and scanning can be removed." stated Bill Wood, CEO of Unisource Subsidiary, Visionship Inc.

Visionvault's intuitive query capability gives users the ability to locate any stored company document, as well as discrete information within any document, in only a few seconds. This represents tremendous cost savings and efficiency improvements when compared to manual filing processes, creating substantial time savings and increased accuracy across all departments.

Most companies today go through internal and external audits each year. This process is nearly always manual, time consuming, often inaccurate, and entails high costs. As an example, a product recall audit, which could take months to manually collect all required
shipping documents, now will take only a few seconds utilizing Visionvault. In addition to saving time, Visionvault can also save on salaries and contractor pay connected to such audits, by its increased efficiency and removal of staffing typically needed in these overall processes.

Companies evolving to Visionship G3's paper free platform will receive Visionvault access for FREE, as a "value added" module on the SaaS (Software as a Service) Visionship G3 pricing license platform.

"Helping companies today evolve to a less costly, more accurate, and paper free environment is one of our core beliefs as a company," said Jordan Serlin, Chairman and CEO of Unisource Corp. "Visionvault makes this a reality, and will provide additional sought-after transparency as well as instant, real-time documentation access across our customer operations."

Visionvault will be available this September in tandem with Visionpad (now available); or, as a standalone product for real-time and historical paper document storage.


Unisource Announces Enterprise License Agreement with Garvey Nut and Candy

Miami, FL - (August 7, 2013) - Unisource Corporate Corporation (OTC: USRC) (the “Company”) today announced the adoption and deployment of the Company’s Visionship G3 Transportation Management System by Garvey Nut and Candy.

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After an exhaustive review period, Garvey selected Visionship as their primary transportation management system provider, and has signed an Enterprise Platform License Agreement through the Company’s majority owned subsidiary for the national deployment of the Visionship G3 suite within all Garvey locations. The engagement will also include further custom development and integration for Garvey over the next 18 months.

Recently acquired by Wythe Will Tzetzo, LLC, Garvey Nut and Candy is one of the largest distributors of candy items, nuts, dried fruit and trail mixes on the West Coast, with over 12,000 SKUs in their multiple distribution facilities. Garvey sought a complete logistics and shipping platform which provides total transparency across their entire organization. Visionship - a SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform - provides Garvey team members and clients instant access to critical supply chain data across all departments. Garvey employees using Visionship have the ability to obtain real time supply chain data from any location, including mobile devices, using a single interface to obtain real-time rate comparisons, full reporting options, audit functionality, and total in-transit visibility across the entire enterprise.

"One of Garvey's primary goals in deploying Visionship is to allow multiple users real-time access to our supply chain and operations company-wide," Stated Steffani Corri, Director of Operations in California for Garvey Nut and Candy. "Visionship gives us the transparency we need, and will vastly improve our logistics, customer service, and save Garvey significant costs in the process. We are extremely impressed with Visionship's technology, and will be rolling it out to all of our national facilities over the coming months."

"Garvey's time sensitive business requires the most efficient logistics and transportation management software available, and we are extremely pleased they chose Visionship." stated Jordan Serlin, Chairman and CEO of Unisource Corp. "Visionship continues to work closely with Garvey on additional features and system enhancements to provide even greater benefits and cost savings for Garvey and their client base.


Visionship Inc. and Engage Technology, LLC. Sign Five Year Strategic Partnership Agreement

MIAMI, Jul 25, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Unisource Corporate Corporation (OTC Markets: USRC) (the "Company") today announced its Subsidiary, Visionship, Inc. has signed a five year partnership and cooperative development agreement with Engage Technology, LLC. Until now, Engage's technology has been focused on the transportation execution, operations, and in-transit visibility for shippers. With this agreement, the companies will look to further enhance the Visionship G3 platform by incorporating and advancing Engage's market-proven component technologies across all client sectors. Visionship, Inc. will have exclusive global deployment rights under this agreement.

"With this agreement, Visionship will be setting the new standard for supply chain management systems by combining Visionship's aggressive carrier rates and paperless electronic Bill of Lading technologies, with Engage's next generation proactive transportation management software," stated Gary McKenzie, President of Engage Technology, LLC. "We are excited to work with Visionship adding a new dimension and raising the bar for the entire industry."

Visionship's new G3 platform is extendable, allowing direct integration with virtually any ERP system. In combination with Engage's systems and technologies, ERP deployments can occur more rapidly while reducing end-customer ROI timeframes. Engage solutions were first deployed in 2001 and have provided transportation backbone services for companies in Aerospace, B2B, Retail, Automotive, Medical Supply, Pharmaceutical Supply, Ecommerce, as well as many other segments.

As a true SaaS platform, Visionship G3 is uniquely governed by propriety internet native smart technology; which, when deployed by customers actively manages all modes of shipping logistics within customer operations. Visionship G3 vastly reduces client shipping logistics and operational costs, by providing automated intuitive shipment and exception management, competitive carrier rates, immediate visibility across the entire enterprise, real-time electronic signature capture as well as Cloud-Based document storage, and the ability to take a client's entire shipping and supply chain paperless.

"With Engage's IT development staff now working directly with our team in supporting our client technology needs; along with future technology development, we feel confident that the foundation is in place at Visionship for significant acceleration in both client and revenue growth, " said William Wood, President and CEO of Unisource Subsidiary, Visionship Inc. "We have been impressed with the professionalism and depth of Engage's capabilities, and our partnership creates many new and unique revenue opportunities for both companies." "


Visionship Launches Latest Generation of Transportation Management System Platform - Visionship G3

MIAMI, Jul 17, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Unisource Corporate Corporation (OTC Markets: USRC) (the "Company") today announced the launch of Visionship's G3 Transportation Management System (Visionship G3 TMS). As a SaaS platform, Visionship G3 is uniquely governed by propriety internet native smart technology; which, when deployed by customers actively manages all modes of shipping logistics within customer operations. Visionship G3 vastly reduces client shipping logistics and operational costs, by providing automated intuitive shipment and exception management, competitive carrier rates, immediate visibility across the entire enterprise, real-time electronic signature capture as well as Cloud-Based document storage, and the ability to take a client's entire shipping and supply chain paperless.

USRC alertsVisionship G3 proactively tracks each client shipment - regardless of shipping method - in real time. When the platform anticipates a carrier pickup or delivery failure, the SaaS based cloud technology immediately alerts any authorized operations personnel by highlighting the shipment on the in-transit dashboard, and moves the shipment to the top of the screen for attention and resolution. Additionally, the Visionship G3 platform enables clients to move to a paperless distribution supply chain. Using the Company's proprietary Visionpad iPad application, users are able to completely remove paper from their transportation processes. Visionpad gives users the real-time ability to electronically sign shipping documents, such as Bills of Lading, and to have instant access to all executed transportation documents through the Visionship G3 and Visionpad cloud-based system. The ability to electronically access executed documents in real time significantly reduces errors, and can dramatically increase overall the speed of cash flow for Visionship customers.

"The Visionship G3 platform monitors as well as actively manages all moving shipments within a client's supply chain, and can predict potential shipment problems before they occur, actively notifying the user so they can 'act' rather than 'react' to an exception issue," stated Bill Wood, President and CEO of Unisource Subsidiary Visionship Inc. "Visionship's software learns from experience, and applies that historical knowledge to current client supply chain events. Additionally, Visionpad can take a client's supply chain paper-free. This significantly reduces client logistics, accounting, and operational costs, creating an optimized service level never before seen in our industry."

"Visionship G3's 'smart' approach to managing real-time supply chain data goes well beyond other systems by actively managing all information received from carriers, historical shipment information, warehouse data, vendor information, and even information from the National Weather Service, all within a paperless ecosystem," stated Jordan Serlin, Chairman and CEO of Unisource Corporate Corporation. "The product platform represents a significant technology advance across multiple industry and sector categories, moving our clients from a manually processed 20th century operating method to a fully optimized 21st century electronic, paperless environment."


About Unisource Corp. (OTC: USRC)

Unisource acquires and combines third party logistics service providers and logistics technology providers in order to offer a unique, unparalleled service in the logistics industry: Cloud-based, technology-enabled logistics process outsourcing.

Currently, the Company owns approximately 75% of Visionship, Inc., which is a provider of Cloud-based logistics software called VisionShip.

Unisource’s strategy is twofold:
•Provide its cloud-based logistics software applications as SaaS in conjunction with its logistics services
•Aggregate and acquire regional third party logistics service providers

.The company’s value proposition is the ability to provide a uniquely comprehensive technology-enabled logistics service to manufacturers, distributers, and shippers.

The Company is able to accomplish this strategy because of its ownership of existing technology intellectual property that it has developed, existing third party logistics services that is has acquired, strategic technology partners that provide key functionality on an exclusive basis, and existing core customers that provide a base load of business revenues.

Unisource markets its bundled logistics services to a segment of the shipping industry that has no provider of such comprehensive service, and the segment is not small. It is made up of manufacturers and distributors that are not large enough to perform their own shipping, and depend upon third parties to outsource the shipping function. These third parties may or may not be able to provide their own transportation rate schedules, and most certainly do not provide technology to efficiently manage and track the entire process.

With Unisource’s stable of services, they provides a low-cost, one stop shop for all of these needs, and can even allow the customer to eliminate paper shipping documents

Visionship is a transportation execution system that seamlessly and cost-effectively integrates, automates, and tracks inbound and outbound data in the global transportation supply chain.

Visionship is provided through an exclusive, private-labeled partnering arrangement with Engage Technology, and provides these benefits to our clients.

Visionpad - the application - manages an interactive digital set of 'your' company's forms and documents. Raw or completed forms/documents are uploaded, and then accessible from a mobile device (iPad) with an internet connection. These forms are completely fillable, including the digital capture of signatures. After the form is fully executed it can be stored to Visionvault as PDF. Visionpad can even allow users to auto-populate forms from your company's ERP without any redundant manual entries. Today - time is consistently lost in the field; as well as the office when documents and forms cannot be accessed, edited, and signed in real time. VISIONPAD CREATES COST EFFECTIVENESS AND SAVES VALUABLE TIME. VISIONPAD IS YOUR SOLUTION!


"Virtual Documents...Digital Signatures...Operations in the Cloud!"

For manufacturing and distribution companies, Vsr8shop -- a native Cloud Transportation Management System -- manages every aspect of the Supply Chain . Further, with Visionpad users can convert their entire transportation & distribution Supply Chain into a PAPER FREE environment.

With 'Zero Footprint' integration all user documents are accessible from a mobile application called Visionpad. The Visionpad application today is available to any iPad. Once the application is in use, user documents can be virtually managed executed - including signatures. All in process and completed documents are securely stored for future access and recall. The user documents are exportable in a number of ways (eMail, FTP, API, etc..), and the export USRC alertscan be automated. Never has there been a faster more secure way to access your company's Global Supply Chain data. Vsr8shop's virtual automation eliminates manual error. Greatly reduces or eliminates Printing, Faxing, Filing, Scanning and Lost Documents.

And, of course, NO MORE PAPER!!!

"Visionship provides supply chain management operational expertise, paper-free supply chain operations, cloud native TMS, and custom technology applications. Visionship is a valuable resource to each our clients - helping them manage and control all aspects of their supply chains - physical, informational and financial - within one secure database.

Visionship provides solutions, services and customized transportation management applications that give clients more control, improved efficiency across multiple platforms, and a cost effective process that deliver increased bottom line profits for each of our clients.

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