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NXT-ID, Inc.

One Reservoir Corporate Centre
4 Research Drive
Suite 402
Shelton, CT 06484

Gino Pereira CEO, CFO
David Tunnell CTO
Tel: (203)242-3076

Sector: Services
Ticker Symbol: NXTD
Exchange: OTCQB
Shares Outstanding: 21,440,600

Float: APX 1,380,600 +/-

52 Week Low: $1.10
52 Week High: $4.46


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NXT-ID (NXTD) - Mobile-Bio Technology Holds the Key to Mobile Commerce

"...a conservative intrinsic valuation (IV) model show a fair value of $10.90 per share..."

BOSTON, MA--(Oct 15, 2013) - SoundView Technology Group: New report highlights an emerging technology company, NXT-ID (OTCQB: NXTD), as a provider of "Mobile-Bio" technology to enable mobile commerce industry-wide.

The lack of robust security is one of the chief obstacles holding this market back. Technology leaders like Apple have been making acquisitions (like AuthenTec for $350M in July of 2012) and filing patents to attempt to provide some of these features on the iPhone.

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Passwords have become the joke of the information security industry since they offer no real protection in most cases. Biometric techniques must incorporate multiple factors to be secure and easy to use. Combinations of fingerprint, facial recognition, voice and big data analysis will be the essence of future secure consumer systems, for mobile in particular.

NXT-ID (NXTD) had developed a platform of "Mobile-Bio" technologies the address the needs of this market which include:

1. Mobile-Bio FaceMatchTM - 2D, 3D and pseudo-3D methods to perform facial recognition.

2. The WocketTM - a new class of biometrically secure mobile devices designed to replace the traditional wallet.

3. Mobile-Bio SensorTM - a simple, web-enabled, biometric-enabled external device that is used for local authentication and remote authentication with the BioCloud and/or remote servers.

4. VoiceMatchTM - a unique biometric-enabled method to add multi-factor biometric identifiers (both speech and speaker recognition) to Dynamic Pairing Codes using a simple low-power embedded processor on an external device.

5. Mobile BioCloudTM - a cloud-based end-point (authentication service) to authenticate any "end-point" along a communication path, including external biosensors.

According to the authors of this report, Stephen Waite and Kris Tuttle, "NXT-ID biometric security products target a broad market opportunity space that includes m-commerce, enterprise, law enforcement, defense and Homeland Security."

NXT-ID is an early stage technology company going after a large market. Based on initial traction and a conservative intrinsic valuation (IV) model show a fair value of $10.90/share we see the company continuing to benefit from intensive investor attention to this space.

Our full report is available here:

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About NXT-ID, Inc., (NXTD: OTCQB)

The founders of NXT-ID were an integral part of the senior management teams at Technest Holdings, Inc., and its subsidiary Genex Technologies. Genex Technologies was founded in 1995 to develop and commercialize the unique Rainbow® method of capturing 3D data. Since its founding Genex has developed into one of the market leaders in advanced imaging, including 3D and 360-degree technologies.

Genex has developed innovative technologies and products for all aspects of imaging, including capture, processing, display, and
enhancement. Genex’s products range from 3D cameras to surveillance algorithms to integrated facial recognition systems. Genex and Technest have won awards from the Department of Defense, NIH, NIST and NSF amounting to over $30 million in support of this technology.

NXT-ID has licensed all the Technest /Genex technology (exclusively in many markets) to provide a product portfolio and a strong technical foundation for its further development efforts. In addition, NXT-ID has also licensed patents and know-how from the shareholders of Geometrix, Inc., a leading 3D imaging company using a different technical approach to Technest. This technology performed very favorably at the Face Recognition Vendor Test conducted by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST). NXT-ID also has key scientific and engineering personnel that have had key roles in the development of these technologies and have an important intellectual knowledge base that the Company intends to leverage.

Adding to this large IP portfolio, NXT-ID is vigorously pursuing new patents in its new MobileBio™ technologies.


MobileBio™ facematch™ is a modular facial recognition platform technology that can be applied to a variety of platforms including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Depending on the number of cameras available and level of security desired, facematch™ will use 2D, pseudo 3D or 3D facial recognition algorithms to allow the user access to their device, data, or door. facematch™ supports both 3D and 2D camera devices, supporting various applications such as adding access control to a door or prison to adding superior authentication and/or encryption to a mobile device. The technology can be hosted on the device or configured to access cloud computing for remote authentication via NXT-ID’s biocloud™ Authentication and Identity Management Services. The technology will also soon be available as an “app” on the iPhone and Android platforms.

One of the major areas of concern with facial recognition is user privacy with most companies utilizing private data for other marketing purposes. A facematch™ based facial recognition system can be customized to retain no personal information on the user as required to address any privacy issues.

Now banks, consumers, prisons, enterprises and virtually any computing platform can be secured passively, without obtrusive biometric devices such as fingerprint readers using innovative facematch™ from NXT-ID. Contact us to learn more how facematch™ can be customized to meet your security needs.


MobileBio™ voicematch™ is a modular voice recognition platform technology that can be applied to a variety of platforms including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. voicematch™ can be added to virtually any device to embed superior security via voice recognition biometrics that ensure the identify of the user prior to allowing access.

For individuals that use a variety of secure devices where the identification of the specific individual is important, the MobileBio™ voicematch™ biosensor can communicate with the intended device directly or remotely. The voicematch™ biosensor is the world’s first “web enabled” biometric device that can connect physically or wirelessly. Verification can be performed locally or through cloud based identity management and information biocloud™ assurance services. This device will also help to secure one aspect of “BYOD” (Bring your own device) computing, which is a growing concern among corporations where individuals are using their personal smartphones, tablets and computers to connect to their company’s IT servers. Connection to devices using this web-ready biosensor may be made through USB or by wireless interface.

voicematch™ can also be customized for a number of other applications including remote collection and transmission of biometric data by the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense. Other applications include simple, passive authentication local to devices so users may add security to various mobile platforms such as smarphones, laptops and digital wallets.


MobileBio™ biocloud™ is a cloud-based identity authentication solution for consumer applications and corporate security. MobileBio™ biocloud™ Authentication and Identity Management Services provide biometric authentication, identity management, and secure remote access to a number of standard operations such as online banking and mobile payments. This secure service alleviates financial institutions and corporations from billions invested in enterprise security management by providing essential end-to-end security to sensitive consumer information that is more easily accessible now, due to the increased use of mobile devices to remotely access corporate data and perform financial transactions from mobile devices.

With NXT-ID’s biocloud™, users and corporations can now be assured secure access to their sensitive data through simple, effective identity authentication and secure encryption.


The world of wallets is about to change. New exciting technologies are making payments easier than ever. However, many credit card holders either do not possess a smartphone or will be reluctant to use their smartphone for mobile payments due to a variety of reasons including:

Limited battery life
Dependency on wireless network coverage
Well publicized security threats

Rather than depend on a potentially unreliable cell phone, NXT-ID introduces a truly next generation digital wallet: the wocket™. This unique technology takes a very different approach: Instead of replacing the wallet, we are improving it! Our innovative wocket™ reduces the number of cards in your wallet while supporting virtually every payment method currently available at Point-of-Sale (POS) at retailers around the world including magnetic stripe, EMV/NFC and barcode…all within a secure vault within your wallet.

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